SADC SOLAR were called in to set up a commercial off grid development in Commercial Off Grid Development Somerset – power on a large scale. The client had already decided that solar was the best option for the site but needed a specialist team to design and install a comprehensive off grid power system that would be able to store the power generated and offer sophisticated control and monitoring.

The remote site was installed with a  57kwp solar array which was ample to supply power to the business at all times, including nights and times with no sun. The off grid system was designed to store the excess power for these periods.

Working closely with the client’s existing solar supplier, SADC SOLAR, designed a large off grid system that consisted of specialist solar batteries and inverter / chargers.

Although the site was remote and the installation required quickly, SADC SOLAR rose to the challenge and the entire design, manufacture and installation was completed in just two weeks.


  • 9x Quattro 48/10000/140
  • 6080Ah Batteries at 48V
  • 57Kwp Solar Panel array
  • 9x Solar Inverters
  • BMV600 Battery Monitor
  • Custom steel fabricated rack

“This was a challenging project with the entire design, manufacture and installation needing to be completed in just two weeks.”