Red and black battery connector cables with round battery pins at both ends insulated.
.. The thickness of the cable is 35 sq mm.
.. Current carrying capacity: 138Amp
.. Voltage capacity: 1100v
.. Core: copper
.. Lugs: Round battery pin copper
.. Cable type: Fire retardant PVC
.. Core: 1
.. Ideal for connecting between battery in the battery banks of 24v, 48v battery banks.
.. Ideal for connecting battery to an inverter up to 5kw.

  • Manufactured with ultra-flexible Angle Power-Flex Cable
  • 100% fine stranded PUREĀ COPPERĀ cable for high amperage applications
  • Copper cable lugs are tinned coated and utilize a closed end design for corrosion protection
  • Polyolefin heat shrink tubing applied to form a protective seal.
  • Includes one black cable and one red cable.