• Monocrystalline – 110 Cell
  • Power Outage Range – 530 -550W
  • Maximum Efficiency – 21%
  • Positive Power Tolerance – 0~+5W

Ultra-high power meets 21.6% efficiency

Based on the 210mm large-size silicon wafer and monocrystalline PERC cell, the innovative Vertex allows high power output up to 550W. An excellent temperature coefficient and superior irradiation performance combine to facilitate greater power. Additionally, innovative square mono cells and high-density encapsulation technology enable efficiency of up to 21.6%.

Seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies.

With Vertex, Trina Solar’s research and development team has integrated non-destructive cutting and high-density encapsulation technologies. Multi-busbar technology, which allows for greater light absorption, is a perfect fit for the large-area cell design. These seamless technology integrations enable the Vertex to achieve higher power and power generation capacity per watt.

Optimize Vertex with our smart solar solution.

While the Vertex module is fully compatible with mainstream inverters and tracking systems, the TrinaPro solution integrates bifacial Vertex modules and our customized TrinaTracker to optimize Vertex module performance and ensure system safety and reliability. TrinaPro’s R&D team has developed an adaptive tracking algorithm specific to the 210mm cell structure of Vertex, creating an extra performance gain of 3-8% compared to traditional astronomical tracking algorithms.