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SADC SOLAR ENERGY, Ltd. Bomas Solar pumps are submersible pumps with high quality motor and capacitor control boxes. You can be sure pumps sold by us working on their first installation. Pulling a well pump is expensive!

  • 12 months warranty, not 3 months like our competitors.
  • We are a professional company that only sells pump water pumps and related products.
  • We carry a complete line of submersible pumps as well so you'll always be able to find one to best suit your needs. Choosing a pump that operates at its peak efficiency on the pump curve, not only saves money on your electric bill, but will last much longer.
  • Our Solar Submersible Pump are made in Canada.
  • Need help finding the perfect pump? E-mail with the following information.

    a) Flow rate (liters per minute) required if known, or describe how the pump is used.
    b) Application
    c) Depth of the existing well or you want to drill.
    f) Lifting the top of the well to the pressure tank (if used) and the pressure tank to the highest point of the system
    g) Total length of the tube from the top of a well to the pressure tank (if used)

    and the pressure vessel (if used) to the rest of the system.

    h) Pressure at destination, if certain requirements must be met, for example, you may require 30psi, 40psi or 50 psi to work with sprinklers or 100psi to work with a generator.

  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 Standard

  • Confirmed international standard of IEC34-ICE

  • Motor and pump 36Lb net weight (16.3 kg) net length:. 40 "(1015 mm)

  • Other Products

    We have drilling rigs capable of drilling up to 250 Mtros deep. Oso our equipment is made in the United States of America.

    We have turn-key solutions for their hand water problems. We made water prospecting, drilled, installed submersible pumps, water reservoir up to 10000 liters and also build fountains with tanks goes like washing when desired.

    Drilled wells for water for domestic consumption, irrigation, and consumption of animals