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Street lighting system, solar energy requires a precise combination solar panels, bateriais, components of electronic appliances control and the use of components of high quality support. All chosen to not only work on the day it is installed to run more but the lifetime of the system.

SADC SOLAR ENERGY, Ltd have the following models of solar lighting systems:
1. Flamingo
2. Mirabilis
3. Hybrid or not Welwitscha
4. Palanca Hybrid


Properly designed, a system of autonomous solar LED lighting will work in all environmental conditions and provide years of reliable, free operation.


FLAMINGO, System Solar Street Lighting, & other applications with Stations of 4-8 meters of height.

Systems solar street lighting SADC SOLAR ENERGY, Ltd will obtain the client systems with:

  • Eficient
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Sense decorative
  • Sense of aesthetics & decoration systems are so important to us as they are eficiênça, quality, durability and functionality.


    MIRABILIS, Solar Lighting System Parks Fun & Backyards, compounds 5-8 meters of height.


    WELWITSCHIA, Hybrid System for street lighting, compounds 7-12 meters of The Heigh t. Greater height is set, the greater area lighting.

    "It's not just a matter of quantity over quality & beautification." We wish that our streets are the mirror of our cities.


    PALANCA, Hybrid Lighting System with Street Stations 7-10 meters in height.

    Note: Please do not let hesitate to contact us for configuration and design of your system or hybrid solar lighting.


    O espirito by SADC / The SADC spirit