STEELMAXenergy’s wide range of Battery Racks fully meets the endusers’ overall needs in various sectors, such as:Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Transportation and Infrastructures industries.

Battery Racks are made to accommodate each and every type of battery. Whether it is an open or closed type of battery, a lead-acid (Pb) or nickel-cadmium (NiCd) type of battery, for a vertical or horizontal installation, we have a solution which offers a great amount of free space conservation, adapted to the majority of manufacturers and for all battery kinds: VRLA, FRONT TERMINAL, PzS, OPzS, OPzV, RES, NiCd, LiFe, etc.

STEELMAXenergy’s battery racks are designed to be immune to earthquakes, (anti-seismic desig ), they are solid and rigid, easy to handle, acid-resistant, while all the metal bars that are used are laminated in plastic and covered with a protective coating. The racks are manufactured with articulated components and their assembly and possible future modification is extremely simple and modular – plug & play.

All STEELMAXenergy’s battery racks as well as any other kind of accessory are all made in our premises. Quality checks from the initial design to the final assembly stage, ensure the best quality and price and thus constitute the ideal product for every need.